Penn Plaza Matters

On May 15, the Planning Commission will hear public comment on LG’s new development plan for the Penn Plaza site. Tell them to vote NO on this plan, which will create HIGHER RENTS, MORE BLIGHT, MORE SEGREGATION, & MORE DISPLACEMENT.

PLEASE NOTE: This is also election day, so make sure you vote that day!

After demolishing the homes of over 500 long-time East Liberty residents, LG Realty’s proposed redevelopment includes nearly 1,000,000 sq ft of luxury retail and office space, and ZERO affordable housing. On top of that, they are trying to shuffle a rubber-stamped “community process” through as neighborhood consent, when hundreds of residents have showed up to meetings to voice opposition.

The City has refused to reschedule the hearing so it wouldn’t fall on election day. This is another example of the “public process” being broken. Come out and MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!

WHERE: 200 Ross Street, 1st floor
WHEN: Tuesday, May 15 at 2 p.m.

CAN’T MAKE IT? Write a quick letter to the Planning Commission asking them to VOTE NO on LG’s luxury plan, and to create a legacy of housing justice. You can use our form letter here OR write your own letter. Correspondence can be emailed to or dropped off or mailed to 200 Ross Street, Suite 309, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. (Talking points for letters can be found here.)

From the City Planning Commission’s website: Public testimony is welcome during Planning Commission hearings and is limited to 3 minutes. No advance registration is required, but interpreters for the hearing impaired will be provided with 4 days’ notice by contacting Richard Meritzer at 412-255-2102. Written testimony may also be sent in advance of any Commission hearing.

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