Click here for revealing infographics on rent increases, displacement, transit, & segregation related to LG’s redevelopment plan. Created by CMU Tech4Society.


The maps below were created by CREATE Lab at CMU:

Where some evicted tenants of Penn Plaza Apartments ended up


The 2015 median income for census block group that contains Penn Plaza is $24,000. The new LG Realty development plan promises to contribute to “affordable” housing that will accommodate renters making up to 60%-80% of area median income. $24,000 is  47% of area median income.


The new LG development plan promises to contribute to gap funding for affordable housing “within a one-mile radius” of the Penn Plaza site. This map shows job accessibility within 30 minutes travel time, with a 1-mile radius from Penn Plaza superimposed.
As you can see, the parts of Garfield and Larimer included in that radius have less than half the number of accessible jobs.
This radius is far too large to ensure continuity of opportunity for displaced residents.



This map shows that at the edges of the 1-mile radius, time to travel to a supermarket or grocery store is 30 to 60 minutes or more.